My #1 follower Noah Syndergaard pitched for Brooklyn on Tuesday. How did he do? You’ll look!

I am no General Manager, and I am definitely not a former Agent, but why couldn’t Thor just have pitched in Philly, with Lockett on stand-by to back him up?

No this isn’t getting the full Harvey Day treatment.

Inning 1:   1-2-3. 8 pitches, 6 for strikes.

Inning 2:   17 pitches through 2, 15 strikes! 2Ks.

In the third, Brooklyn scored four in the top…so it was a long layoff for Thor. Two leadoff singles, then a strikeout. Run scores on a groundout to make it 4-1. K to end the inning. 36 pitches so far, 31 for strikes!

4th: some Ks around a single. Through 4, 50 pitches, 42 for strikes. 7Ks!

5th: uh oh, a leadoff single, an out and a 2 run home run! After 5 he’s at 67 pitches (55 for strikes). 3 runs on 5 hits. Meanwhile Lockett has only given up two!

And that was it. 5 innings, 3 runs on 5 hits. NINE STRIKEOUTS

@Mediagoon will be bidding on this!

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