Alonso Hits The Derby! Time for a Slump Watch?

No. We’re not doing that.

Shannon probably will when he comes back (and I’ll enjoy and encourage it), but not now.

On an important note: Good job, Pete!

Alonso becomes the first player to win the Home Run Derby in a Mets uniform, with a slight asterisk going to Darryl Strawberry, who was a co-champion in 1986.

Tonight was great for baseball in general, since you had two rookies competing in the final round, which made things very interesting, and a glimpse into the future for the league’s young stars.

And you didn’t even need to entice them with that $1 million dollar prize, though, on a rookie salary, that’ll be a nice bump for Pete.

The Mets black color scheme looks good on.....mugs
Where’s deGrom?