Gil Must Go: and I eat crow. Seaver really was Terrific and almost no-hit the Cubs

OK, I can’t bash Seaver this week.  What a great start for him.  A one hitter!  11Ks.

I thought we were all gonna have to get bumper stickers as it really looked like Tom was gonna no-hit the Cubs!  But Jimmy Qualls (who?) broke it up in the 9th.

I can only say great things about Seaver today.  That was a great outing.

More shocking that Seaver being good is the standings!  3.5 back?  In July? WHOA!   Meanwhile the Yankees are 20.5 back.  You guys had a nice 40 years, I hope you enjoyed it.  This is METS TOWN baby!  Maybe you guys should move to California and join your old rivals.