Gil Must Go: and I eat crow. Seaver really was Terrific and almost no-hit the Cubs

OK, I can’t bash Seaver this week.  What a great start for him.  A one hitter!  11Ks.

I thought we were all gonna have to get bumper stickers as it really looked like Tom was gonna no-hit the Cubs!  But Jimmy Qualls (who?) broke it up in the 9th.

I can only say great things about Seaver today.  That was a great outing.

More shocking that Seaver being good is the standings!  3.5 back?  In July? WHOA!   Meanwhile the Yankees are 20.5 back.  You guys had a nice 40 years, I hope you enjoyed it.  This is METS TOWN baby!  Maybe you guys should move to California and join your old rivals.

Cars getting towed at Willets Point across from Citi Field. What's going on?
Mets Blocked Cap