Socks Critic Tells You About Cyclones Sock Promo

If you’re an old time friend of the MetsPolice blog, you may remember that Shannon and I have a difference of opinion on what socks are snazzy and which ones or not.

For the record, this looks snazzy to me:

Unfortunately, the Sock Police thought that those socks weren’t anything special. I even got treated to the good ole’ John Oliver meme. Here’s the link if anyone wants to go down memory lane.

This year, while I still have the keys to this blog, I thought it might be cool to talk about the Cyclones upcoming sock night:


I, for one, think these socks are even snazzier than the Mets pinstriped one, so if you’d like to get you hands on one, head out to MCU Park tomorrow, at 7pm, earlycomers will get one for free at the gates.