Gil Must Go: Yeah if you use 5 pitchers the game is going to take three hours. Awful.

If you think I listened to a Mets doubleheader instead of the Moon Landing yesterday you are insane.  Anyway the Mets plated two and…

In Game 1, my man Gary G didn’t have it, giving up 3 runs in the 8 inning complete game.  Really nothing interesting to tell you about this one.

In Game 2, crazy Gil had to use FIVE pitchers to win the game.  Look at this boxscore…two guys throwing 1/3 an inning, and then two guys throwing one inning each?  That isn’t baseball.  No wonder the game took 3+ hours.

Wasn’t Don Clendenon supposed to be good?  I am not impressed.

We put a man on the moon but Gil Hodges still can’t handle a pitching staff.   53-39 somehow.  Amazing. I dunno about you but I am so ready for the All Star Break.