Sterling or Scully: Gary Cohen saves his terrible start to Saturday with two fine calls after one horrific one

Gary.  I know you want and – I’m now downgrading here to PROBABLY – deserve the Ford Frick Award some day, but you can’t just coast into it.  You have Sterlingitis.  I’ve told you about it.  I’ve called you on it.  Your disciples get really mad when I point it out, but you really turn in some horseshoe lazy calls sometimes. Here’s one.

Why are you mentioning the wall? This ball is long gone. I will tell you why you mentioned the wall. because it’s what you do when you just do a call rather than think about the call. It’s Gary Cohen On Autopilot. This is what John Sterling does. I AM COMPARING YOU TO JOHN STERLING. John Sterling may be many things but nobody thinks he describes plays accurately.

Verdict: Sterling.

But Gary, you and I both know you CAN do it when you choose. Here…you chose….

Beautiful Gare. Descriptive. Simple. Honest.

Verdict: Scully

Next, let’s compare Pete Alonso’s home run to the one from earlier.

Now that’s a fine call. I love the “Forget That.”

Verdict: Scully

But I have to ask you – why did we Forget That when it didn’t travel as far as Dom’s ball? Did you not see Dom’s ball yet? Or did you just mail in the first call? See what I am saying Gare?

So two great calls by you – and one lazy one. And the lazy ones started creeping in last season. I am sure I am not your favorite person…but I am pushing you to the greatness inside you Be the deserving winner of the Ford Frick award – don’t just collect it some day because you sat in a booth long enough. Be great, don’t just be old.