Let’s talk about this black pullover Mets jersey The 7 Line is selling

Hmmmm.  I don’t know how I feel about this one.

I actually want to like it…but it feels a little too busy.

PULLOVER:  that’s interesting.  I really liked the orange pullover they made and would have gotten one before the price point made me run for the hills.  I did some poking around on that and seems that there actually as no way to sell that one for cheaper (licensing, Baseball Jerseys Mafia, small batches etc) but I couldn’t do $150.  I assume this one will be similar priced.

RACING STRIPES:  Intrigung choice as this mixes eras.  Does it make the jersey look better or worse?  Would us fat mets fans look like Dom DeLuise in a kimono if it didn’t have the racing strip?  Do the colors work well with the black.  I don’t know the answers to any of this.

ARMY PATCH:  bad choice here.   As I have said before, I think Darren would be wise to separate the apparel brand (The 7 Line) from the traveling t-shirt enthusiasts.  It’s, in my opinion, until someone does something stupid in the name of the Army and winds up dragging the master brand into a Barstool like situation.  The mothership doesn’t deserve that….split it off.  As someone who is not in the army, I would not want a jersey with said patch, so that would affect my personal purchasing decision.  Also as a design, the Army logo is a little below where Darren’s quality comes in and I’m surprised this is actually T7LA logo and not something better looking.

MAKERS MARK:   Look, if we are all going to hate swooshes on jerseys, or New Era logos on caps we can’t decide this is cool just because we like the guy who owns the company.  It’s quite possible that the makers mark is something that the Baseball Jerseys Mafia makes manufacturers do….but it still is clutter.

IT’S BLACK:  That’s OK friends.  I got news for y’all, we all got old.  1969 is over.  1986 is over.  The sweet spot of nostalgia is always 20 years ago…and those 10 year olds from the summer of 2000 are now 30, and have disposable income.  Smart choice by Darren.

VERDICT:  It’s not for me, but it might be for you.  So buy one.

Available soon at The 7 Line.