Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets sinking, Mercury rising.

SLACKISH REACTION:  All those articles on Thursday about how the Mets were back in the race were so so so so so so so so so stupid, were they not?  Not Wags needs to be bold (and smarter than usual) and tear this whole thing up and start over.  I will stick to my guns that he should Trade High on his two All Star position players.  Yes, I see the picketers outside my house when I even suggest trading the Polar Bear, but you should at least be open minded about McNeil.

Saturday will be the 20th Anniversary of the Mercury Mets!  I wrote at length about it and uncovered some “new” images.

Gary Cohen is in a slump.

I don’t know this affects my #1 follower. But he might be on the Padres by the end of the month so who knows.


NOT LINKING:  I know I am supposed to be the 50,000th site showing youThunder Pete Alonso breaking a bat over his knee but I will let the AAIMBR handle that.   Also, we’re at the point of the season where the newspaper has decided to hype Andres Giminez.