Mets Police Morning Laziness: nothing going on don’t even click this

SLACKISH REACTION:  How much rain did YOU get?  Sheesh!  Oh, you wanted Mets news?  There is none.  The beat took yesterday off and I don’t even see stuff from the players on Instagram.  The Mr. Rogers trailer looks really good.

NOT LINKING: There’s some nonsense where Kelenic’s mother is acting like the NY Media talks about the kid all the time, or at least that’s what the headline is spinning.  Nobody ever mentions him other than as the unnamed other end of Wags mortgaging the future.  Non-story.  But off days do that.

Did we all miss this the other day, or do I just have enough people on twitter muted?

Any updates on Mets baseball operations experts Al Leiter and Jessica Mendoza?
Report: Mets on SNY ratings down 12%