Mets Police Morning Laziness; Fake Pennant Race likely to lead Mets to make stupid decisions

SLACKISH REACTION:  Gary and Keith mentioned the Fake Pennant Race  – you know that’s the one where the Mets are just 6.5 back in the Wild Card – THREE separate times last night.  Now Gary did keep mentioning the whole thing where you have to pass teams – but hey they passed three already, and Keith pointed out there are two months left!  All this has me worried that The Fake Pennant Race is taking over the organization.

When you combine The Fake Pennant Race with Seemingly Stupid GM and Jeff Wilpon, well that’s not going to be good.

I actually briefly thought about giving up baseball last night.  I was bored (again) and realized that there’s just no payoff in following the 2019 version of the sport.  For now I have not given up on the sport.

NOAH SYNDERGAARD WATCH:  The Mets are either definitely trading him, definitely not trading him, packaging him in some nonsense where we get a worse older pitcher from Toronto, or maybe he’s going to the Yankees.  Depends which mis-informed article you choose to click on.  Of course with the Fake Pennant Race, the Mets may be buyers.

MERCURY METS:  I want to applaud the Mets for doing their usual great job that they do with everything.  They posted a mention on the scoreboard as part of This Date In Mets History and…….that’s it.  I’m not sure it even got mentioned onto telecast at all.     Keep up the great work Mets, you have a great brand.

Jeff McNeil got the puppy

Trade them all or trade none Wags.  Don’t half rebuild.  I vote Trade High and trade them all.