Gil Must Go: the 1969 Mets are turning into a pumpkin

Look, if I had told you that you’d wake up on August 1, 1969 and the Mets would be in second place, just 6.5 back, and 55-44 you wouldn’t have believed me.  You’d believe Man walked on the Moon, but not this.

So let’s be happy about this magical summer.

That said, I think it’s clear the wheels are coming off.  That doubleheader against the Astros was a wakeup call, and even Terrific couldn’t summon his ridiculous good luck.   The Mets lost 2-0.

Tom Seaver wasn’t bad (2 runs in 7 innings) but Tom Griffin was better (8 scoreless for Houston).   Look Tom, you scammed a lot of wins early in the year, this is just the law of averages evening things out.

And of course Gil didn’t play Shamsky.  SMH.


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