Let’s compare the 2014 Mets Loyalty Oath with the 2019 Pete Alonso Letter

Scully, did you see the letter from Pete Alonso?

I did Mulder. I think it’s really great that he wrote such a passionate letter to Mets fans.  He’s such a great player and really fun to root for.

Scully, do you really believe that Pete got up the morning after a night game, crafted a letter to Mets fans, made it an attachment, and tweeted it out?

He is a very passionate player Mulder.

Do you remember the Loyalty Oath Scully?

The Loyalty Oath?

Yes.  The Loyalty Oath.   In 2014 there was a letter that had several player’s signatures on it.   Ron Darling in particular had told the New York Post that (he) “didn’t do (his) due diligence to read what went out” and that it was on him – “It’s not on anyone else. I put my name on it. I put my likeness on it. I have to live with it.”

Mulder, you aren’t really suggesting that Alonso didn’t write this, are you?  It came from HIS twitter account.

Scully, let’s look at some of the themes of the two letters side by side.

Scully, both are calls to action.  The Loyalty Oath is asking Mets fans to sign the letter and saying “you support matters.”  The Alonso letter, while written in a different style, says “We need you guys, the fans…”

Mulder, you’re crazy.

Scully, the Loyalty Oath says “we wouldn’t have won without you.”   The Alosno Letter says “you guys have been unreal all year.”


Loyalty Oath: “If you agree that the fans have a role to play in making amazing things happen.”  Alonso Letter: “We need you guys, the fans, more than ever for these last two months.  Together, let’s be a part of history.”


Scully, look at the construction of that last sentence.  “We need you guys, the fans, more than ever for these last two months.  Together, let’s be a part of history.”  Have you seen Alonso speak publicly?

No, I don’t think I have.

Scully, watch this video.

Mulder, I feel drowsy all of a sudden, like the energy was sucked out of me.

Scully, that’s a topic for another day. Stay focused here.  Now while Pete is very charismatic, do you still think he work up the day after a night game, typed a letter, and tweeted it as an attachment.   The Loyally Oath ends with “We’ll see you there. Let’s Go Mets!”  The Alonso Letter ends with: “Together, let’s be a part of history. LFGM”   I believe either Pete or someone on his team suggested the LFGM to whoever in Flushing actually penned the words…but that’s it.

Mulder, I think you’re really stretching here, and people are going to get really mad at you for your kooky theory.

Maybe Scully, maybe.  Now do you want to talk about energy vampires for a minute….