Mets Police Morning Laziness: Noah Syndergaard could be traded to the Yankees some day but that day was not yesterday

The Mets are just 4.5 back in the Fake Pennant Race!   Somebody thinks it’s a smart idea to play sports on weekday afternoons, so I don’t know how much FPR MLB expects me to watch.

“Our focus at the trade deadline isn’t really different than what our focus was early in the offseason and and what I hope will be our focus as we go forward,” general manager Brodie Van Wagenen said during a post-deadline conference call. “And that is simply to try and win now, and to win in the future.” (via ESPN)

As you know Wags did not make any moves.  I will let every other website analyze that to death.  I am more interested in the letter from Pete Alonso.  My question to you this morning is did Pete write it, or did someone put him up to it.  I am going to explore that in a post later today and y’all might not like my findings.

Question for the gang over at Formerly MetsBlog.   I bought a Yankees #34 jersey last winter.  Do you guys want to reimburse me?

Not much else to talk about today….Thor stays….Mets in FPR….day games are stupid…the people that were never buying tickets again last week think I am negative because I don’t like “LGFM.”   Let me go work on the Alonso Letter piece…see you in a bit.