And now a word from (not) Jeff Wilpon

Hi, I’m Jeff Wilpon, as many of you know, I am Chief Operating Officer of the New York Mets.

I want to remind you that I am still Chief Operating Officer of the New York Mets.

I noticed that most of you have stopped talking about me.  I know like a week go you wanted my family to Sell The Team, but we don’t want to do that.

I remember when one of the other family businesses, SNY, was reporting that Noah Syndergaard could be traded to the Yankees – as if we would ever do that, but hey thanks for the clicks – many of you said you would never attend games at Citi Field again.  But you were just kidding.  I knew you weren’t serious.

I know it gets hard between your comedy tours and other activities to come to Citi Field, but 41,000 of you were able to come to Citi Field today, and another 43,875 came on Saturday!

Nobody complained about lines or ticket prices or concession stands.  We can do whatever we want.  We can charge whatever we want.  We know you will come back, you always do.

So I hope you enjoyed your little boycott. I knew you didn’t mean it when you said you would never come to a game again. It all reminds me of my favorite song from Hamilton…let’s sing it together!

There’s always some excuse for ending the boycott.  Let’s face it, you support the team when it wins.  It’s that simple.  You can pretend you’re a die-hard all you want but these are the same players my front office and I put together that you ignored in June and July.  Where have you been?  That’s OK.  Welcome home, and thanks for the revenue!

Thanks for supporting the team, for buying tickets, for watching my cable network for which cable systems pay carriage fees, and listening on the radio for which we also gat paid.

Remember, we need you guys, the fans, more than ever for these last two months. Together, let’s be a part of history.  And calm the F down when you don’t like the moves we make come the off-season.  LFGM you frontrunners.