What’s with nobody in the Mets dugout wearing Mets uniforms?

(Again, welcome to the new readers!  So before I get a wave of The Mets have won 14 of 16 and this is what you worry about?  Well yeah this is what I worry about.  Now I don’t walk around muttering to myself all day about it, but I do like discussing things that catch my eye.)

So I was watching the end of the game on Sunday and saw this..

Why doesn’t anyone wear uniforms anymore?

Half of us fat guys are going out of our way to wear Mets jerseys and the actual Mets can’t be bothered?  Are they that uncomfortable?  The game has gotten mighty casual about these things.

Again people please understand the blog – I did not let this ruin my day.  It’s just something to talk about.   Especially on an off-day.