Looks like Gary Apple in for Gary Cohen on the Mets telecasts this week

Sources are telling Mets Police that Gary Cohen will miss the Atlanta and KC series for some well earned vacation.  Can’t blame Gary for wanting some family time, besides by August 13th the Mets will be in 4th and like 13 games out and well under .500 and probably traded Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees.

Gary Apple will be fill-ing in, according to same sources.

No word on if it will be Keith or Ron.  I love Ron, but we’re gonna need some edge in the booth so I hope Keith is doing this week – although I imagine we get Ron in Atlanta and Keith on the weekend.  Who knows.

One thing I can tell you is that a telecast with Apple, Ron and The Energy Vampire could be a long telecast.  Some of those Cohen/Ron nights struggle – Keith brings the danger.  And the Energy Vampire….well I kinda zoned out there for a few minutes.  What was he even saying?   Back to you Gary Apple.

Update: I reached out to Wayne Randazzo who tweeted me back…