Mets Police Morning Laziness: 2020 schedule out, Puerto Rico trip, and the NYTimes on a bare farm system

Lot’s of new readers lately so let me catch you up on the Morning Laziness.   When Adam Rubin covered the Mets he did a Morning Briefing that was wonderful.  Unlike Adam, I am not going to stay up until 1am writing it and I write mine the next morning, usually around 6:15am (but not today apparently lol) which is why mine is Lazy.  Similarly, his would have a Rapid Reaction, mine has a Slackish Reaction.  Also, there is another blog that couldnt even be bothered to come up with an original title and they call theirs Briefing which is so lame and unoriginal – you would think a site with 75 writers could come up with something but I guess not.

One of the features of the Morning Laziness is the NOT LINKING.  Whereas Adam would include links, I refuse to include links to dopey things like “Mets hope to do well in Atlanta.”

Anyway welcome aboard, and thanks for reading.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Pretty busy for an off-day with all the schedule news.

The Mets are one game out of the Wild Card, and the game time is 7:20 because Atlanta is annoying.  Do not tune in too early or the Energy Vampire may suck out all your energy during a boring interview.  You know I speak the truth and everyone is just afraid to say it.

Speaking of SNY – GKR were voted THIRD best local baseball announcing team in the USA.

I will link to this great NY Times Article about the Syracuse Mets.  It makes the point that while the Mets have veteran depth at AAA, the farm system is super bare on prospects because some maniac keeps trading everyone away.  It’s a must read.

Here is the 2020 Mets Schedule.  Opening Day is Thursday March 26th at home.  The Mets will play a series in Puerto Rico against the Marlins.

Why does nobody wear uniforms in the Mets dugout?

Read this, Wags sounds like a dick.