Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets magic beans run out

SLACKISH REACTION: The Gary Apple/Ron Darling booth was rough man. When you’re looking to Gelbs to give the telecast some energy….

The Mets are two games behind in the Wild Card.  Jeff McNeil is injured (hamstring) and likely heading to the IL!  SELL THE TEAM!!

That game was boring.  Lifeless.  Gelbs was the best part.  Just dreary baseball and didn’t have that feeling that “the Mets will just hit a bunch of home runs at the end of the game and they will win” that the team had for two weeks.  It’s like all the magic left in a hurry.

Regardless, whatever this season may be, the run gave us at worst an extra month of Actual Baseball as opposed to the usual 60 game march to the end.  Hopefully the magic beans return tonight.

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