Shirt-gate! Mets’ Pete Alonso Polar Bear Free Shirt Friday Shirt-Gate Kerfluffle!

So I was watching the Mets game and they teased a pretty nice looking Free Shirt Friday tee which was something something Pete Alonso and his shadow looking like a Polar Bear and the back says Polar Bear 20.  I would show it to you, but the people who made the shirt and commercial apparently haven’t shown it to their own web team yet…

Anyway, it’s a nice looking shirt and I mentioned that on twitter.  IT WAS A POSITIVE COMMENT because you guys know I am super-positive when it comes to the Mets.

Then before I knew it, @mediagoon was chiming in that the design looked similar to something he had seen before…then the t-shirt guy chimed in….then Employees of the Mets got mad at the implied vibe that maybe the design wasn’t original….I dunno man I JUST LIKED THE SHIRT.

The guys over at Van Hagar have a full recap about SHIRT-GATE!!!!

I am siding with the Mets because their design does not have the letter F on it. #TeamMets!!!!

Clearly we are going to have to take this case to T-SHIRT COURT, a new series on SNY where you have to convince Judge Meenan that your t-shirt is worthy, properly licensed, and good looking.  I’d watch that.

UPDATE:  Dave sent me the t-shirt that I liked.  I just wanted to like a t-shirt.

I caught a typo in which I had typed “Free Short Friday” – clearly the Mets need to start giving away shorts!


Oh yeah – new followers, this is what I do.  You’ll hate it eventually.

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