Get your 2019 Mets Playoff Tickets! Woooooo! Playoff Tickets Wooooo! Or you know, buy a nice TV

Hey look at this!

That’s right Mets fans, the boycotts are over!  Give the Mets some money and buy your 2019 Postseason Ticket Strip and your 2020 Ticket Plans.  The Wilpons can buy a lot of real estate with the interest free loan you will bascially be hooking them up with!  On behalf of Jeff and the gang let me say thanks, and see you at Citi Field for the 2019 Playoffs and your 2020 Ticket Plan!

Thanks Mike!

I mean who wouldn’t want tickets?  What would you do with the money?  It’s not like you can buy a 65 inch 4K television for $667 and just sit home and watch Mets games without having to deal with hassles, netting or paying for food and parking. Buy tickets!  Who wouldn’t want to buy tickets?  I know I do. Don’t you?

Why don’t you ticket holders let me know how much the prices are?  I imagine the recent winnings streak cost you a few 2020 dollars.

Fun day here at MPHQ, I haven’t even mentioned Howie in the NYS Baseball Hall of Fame yet.