Hey Mets fans, let’s review last night’s Gary Apple Twitter

So the dashboard numbers tell me you all like Gary Apple content.  Maybe more than you like Gary Apple Play By Play but heyI love clicks so here’s some Gary Apple content for you.  Let’s take a look at the tweets.

First, a salient point.

Well said.  Gary is good at what HE does, which is not this.  I am not good at construction, so I hire a contractor.  I don’t wing it.  This is some combination of SNY being stupid or cheap.  Did you know/remember that Kevin Burkhardt is filling in on Rays games this summer (like 20).  Isn’t Josh Lewin underemployed and doing random fills?   Couldn’t we lock Ed Coleman in a booth with Jon Sadak and slide Wayne over?  What happened to Scott Braun?

The Yankees needed a fill-in and they got BOB COSTAS.   BOB COSTAS.  Bob.  Costas.   Hell at this point I’d even take a stunt and let Breuer sit there with Ron.  At least give us watchable TV.

This is NEW YORK CITY, I am sure we can find a sportscaster if we try.

And now on to the fun.

I LOVE Time Traveler jokes.

And what about when the video went out

This next one I actually did laugh out loud.

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