Mets Legends sweatshirt makes odd decision by including Gary Carter

I saw this one on Facebook.  Facebook is where all the merchants with advanced official licensing go to sell their wares.  You know, the guys who somehow can get MLB/NHL/Disney slash Marvel and DC Comics to all agree to be on the same officially licensed t-shirt.

This one caught my eye.  It’s called Legends.

Tommie Agee. Nice.

Cleon Jones.  Nice.  I see we are going for a 1969 theme here.  Very good.

Tom Seaver looking kinda 1970s ish but OK.   The Franchise very nice.

Don Clendenon in the middle.  Nice aggressive choice.

Jerry Grote…yep one of the main guys from that era…awesome…..

and Gary Carter.

Gary Carter?  I mean surely a legend but why is he on this sweatshirt?   Maybe one with Grote, Piazza and whoever else you want to have, sure.

Maybe one with Seaver, Wright, Keith and Piazza…sure.

Maybe one with Mookie, Doc, Darryl and Keith….sure.

But why this one?



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