Mets Police Morning Laziness: SNY’s unwatchable winning Mets

SLACKISH REACTION:  10-8?  What the the hell happened?  I gave up really early as it was 7-0 and Gary Apple and Ron Darling made for some unwatchable television (sorry Ron).  The Mets, even winning, had an unwatchable product.  As I signed off on twitter, life is too short and I wasn’t going to waste time watching that. I assume we get Keith this weekend, let’s see if he can carry a telecast.

The Mets are two games back in the Wild Card.   Playoff tickets are on sale, which sounds like a joke I would make but nope PLAYOFF TICKETS ARE ON SALE to present ticket plan peeps.

Wags will not want to see how the folks he traded for Cano and Diaz are doing.

Congrats Pete Alonso on tying the NL rookie HR record, but if you think it is statistically normal that he with six weeks to go…..well you must have had your head in the sand in 1998.  No before you think I am making an accusation – I am – the BALL is juiced.  The ball flies like it never did before.  Baseball loves destroying its record book and history.  Quick – how many career HRs does Bonds have?  You sure?   How about Aaron and Ruth, I bet you are sure there.

Citi Field will host a hurling tournament!

If MLB is going to let the Mets hang out in the dugout out of uniform then the Mets might as well Wear The Caps on 9/11.

I tried to warn the A’s about Matt Harvey.  They did not listen.

Hey Mets fans, let's review last night's Gary Apple Twitter
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