Gil must Go: Gil babies Seaver and lets him fatten up on expansion teams

Oh NOW I SEE why Gary G started that last game.  I was wondering why Mr. Terrific wasn’t following Kooz like usual – Gil jiggered the lineup to give Gary the tough game so his prize pet could fatten up YET AGAIN against an expansion team.

This is the softest 17 wins I have ever seen.   Ooooh, I beat the Expos and Padres.   How about beating the Cubs and Cardinals man?

8 innings 0 runs.  Could you at least finish the thing?  Even I could go 8 scoreless against a Padres team that is  35-82.  What a joke.  The Mets really must want this kid to be the face of the franchise.  How about we score a run for Koosman man?  Maybe market him?

Have you heard of a single guy on the Padres?


This team infuriates me sometimes.

Oh yeah, in the second game the Mets won. Whatever.  I do think the kid McGraw is wasted in the bullpen. 


Mets Color Shift Cap
Lets see how Mets Twitter enjoyed Gary Apple on Friday night