MLB FoodFest is back

“The MLB” as the millennials incorrectly say would like you to know about their Food Fest.


MLB FoodFest is a one-of-a-kind event that gives fans the opportunity to taste special menu items from all 30 Major League ballparks. That’s right! Everything from the D-backs Churro Dog, the Mariners toasted grasshoppers (don’t knock ’em until you’ve tried ’em), the Red Sox Hot Lobster Roll and so much more are under the same roof for one weekend only!


This apparently did really well this year.  I guess it incorporates the art of baseball people like, and gets rid of the boring baseball part.

The food fest is also getting pretty cocky and thinks people will show up for this in London!  Having been at the London games, and trying to go to the alleged MLB Store in London which turned out to be a jewelry store…


…and knowing how INVISIBLE the games were in London (unless you were at them) despite what MLB, Fox and ESPN sold you – I think that the Food Fest is getting carried away in their expectations.

Anyway, back to the NYC location,  if you wanna pay a lot of money and then have a Nathan’s hot dog, go at it.  I am sure @mediagoon bought 4 strips so he probably has an extra for you.

Here’s the menu and I can barely read the tiny text myself.  Oh wow Philly went with Cheesesteak. Boston went with Lobster.  Glad to see everyone tried hard.