A’s Prospect Matt Harvey pitched in Tacoma last night! How did he do? You’ll look

The Real Deal, A’s Prospect Matt Harvey found himself in Tacoma last night pitching for the Las Vegas Aviators.  With $11 million in Angels Money in his pocket and some memories of some great nights pack in the Meat Packing District, how did Matty Baseball do?

Well, it’s a lot easier to do MH Recaps if anybody bothers to watch his starts.  Luckily A’s Prospects Guy is following this game…

So sounds like The Dark Knight might Return.   But hey what are those bumps that the A’s guy mentioned….

Oh that’s not gonna be good…..

And there we see Matt in the very familiar “holy crap that’s gonna go out” pose  .

A’s Fans, I know you’re super excited about The Dark Knight.  I mean, wow, 2 runs in 10 innings….he’s great!

But you need to stare at that final photo.  That’s what you are going to see a lot of when you call him up.  This is fool’s gold (and green).  You have been warned just like the Angels have been warned.

This is how it will go.  You will bring him up.  Your manager will give him a short start and get him out after like 4 and 1/3, blaming pitch counts or stretching out or whatever,  so we can all feel good about the outing.

Then will come reality.

That’s what the game in Oakland is gonna look like.   You have been warned.

Matt, I hope you found a nice companion to have burritos with after the game.  A Soho 6 is like a Tacoma 10.