Mets Police Morning Laziness: baseball as it ought not to be

SLACKISH REACTION:  Hey Thor man, love ya but…

…for a team to not wind up as a fringe playoff team, we need The Five Aces to get things done.  Say one had a three run lead in a must-win game…..know what I mean, man?

Anyway I didn’t see it.   Winter Is Coming and there was no way I was sitting inside on a nice enough afternoon.   I also am very happy with my decision to break up with the NFL.  I didn’t miss it at all and enjoyed having a free Sunday to work on other things.  It looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel like watching the Mets…

Supposedly 30,000 there for a FOUR AND HALF HOUR baseball game.  8 pitchers in 9 innings. Nobody wants to see that.  Just awful.  What a bad product.

The Mets are 4 games out in the Wild Card and playing quality .507 baseball.  Also nice to see Cano padding his stats up to just Really Bad.

Las Vegas thought it would be a good idea to pitch Matt Harvey in an elimination game. It was a bad idea.