A very special 50th Birthday Gil Must Go

No it’s not Santana’s birthday..but I”m too lazy to photoshop the image..

I’m breaking character and putting this out “before the game happens” like I did yesterday, again for good reason.   September 10, 1969 is my birthday.  Like my actual day I entered this planet!   It’s also the first time EVER the Mets were in first place.  They hadn’t even had one of those “first place” because they were 1-0 days.   It’s like the stars aligned to make me a Mets fan.   And yeah, I’m no longer a curmudgeonly 40-something blogger…now I’m a curmudgeonly 50-soemthing blogger.  I WAS A TEENAGER IN 1986.  It has been a very long time Mets.

I always found the confluence of my Born Day and this Mets game to be fascinating.   Anyway, enough about me…let me get back in character.


I cannot believe I am typing these words.  THE METS ARE IN FIRST PLACE.

What do you even say???

Let’s talk about Game 1 and a Super-Manly performance by Jim McAndrew!  ELEVEN innings of 2 run ball…and he doesn’t even get the win.

And in game 2…whoa look at Gil starting the reliever kid Nolan Ryan…who goes 9?   Is Gil saving his bullpen for next year?  But hey Ryan cruised – 1 run CG…the Mets are in FIRST PLACE and 84-57!

I suspect that we will see Pearl Bailey at games all of a sudden lol.  Where were ya in 1965 Pearl?