Mets Police Morning Laziness: If a polar bear homers and nobody is there to see it….

SLACKISH REACTION:  I dunno man, sometimes I gotta work.  I got home and the game was over.

21,337 people showed up (by that I mean paid) for Big Time September Baseball.  If I’m the Wilpons I can draw 21K without spending any money on players and just collect my Central Fund dollars.  Not sure why I’m trading all my young players for big contracts if you guys can’t be bothered to attend games.

But wow that 21K makes me think I am not imagining the apathy.

The Mets are 4 games out of the Wild Card.

NOT LINKING: The Newspaper has decided we’re gonna run Syndergaard out of town because he doesn’t like pitching to Ramos.  The Mets are wrong about this anyway.  Personal catchers have been a thing for decades and are a good idea.  Someone is over-thinking this one in Queens.  Anyway look forward to another off-season of trade rumors.  I hear he could be traded to The Yankees

And finally….#NoSnitching.

Oh and another thing…Wear The Caps.

Update my smart-aleck friend Mike wants us to know he saw the HR.  Mike supports the Wilpons.