Hey @MLB @ESPN steal this idea….Mets-Nats annual 9-11 game

Like this, but in game.

Dear Mr. MLB,

Two ideas for you.

Idea #1:  Every year, the Mets play the Nationals and wear uniforms/caps etc that remember 9-11.  The site can alternate between NYC and Washington.

Idea #1A:  Since I know I am fighting an uphill battle, how about we do this as an annual Sunday Night Baseball game.  This can be the game you feed to the NFL Wolves every year during Week 1.   It’s better than nothing.

Idea #2:  Have the Dodgers play at New York (NL) every other April 15th for Jackie Robinson Day.  I know the Dodgers won’t wanna do it every year, so lets send them east to nearby-Brooklyn every other year.  They can wear nice B throwbacks.  Then the other years they can be home.

I know schedules are hard to make and all but you are a multi-billion dollar enterprise who somehow figures out how to play on a Little League Field and in London so I am sure you can solve this if I tell you April 15th is held on April 15th and September 11th is held on (or in this case, near, sigj=h..) September 11th.


Mets will wear the caps but they won't #WEARTHECAPS
Why is Mets Citi Field security being so (over)zealous?