Mets Police Morning Laziness: Wear The Caps

Hey @mets, I know I’ve written about it 5000000 times and you’ve read my articles.  Wear The Caps.

What will happed today is what has happened in recent years….the Mets will mention in the press notes they are wearing the caps in pre-game and the lapdog media will eat that up.  Then some MLB Employee comes and confiscates the caps to make sure none make the field – I am not doing schtick here, that is what actually happens.

I’d love to see someone like New Jersey’s own Todd Frazier somehow full an “oops” and wear one on the field.  Maybe he could pass it to a fan in the stands (in violation of the fraternization rule that doesn’t get enforced anyway) who could pass it back after the confiscation.

I’d love to see someone like Pete Alonso pull the oops.  Would MLB really take on one of its few stars?   On the other hand, Pete was a 3 year old in Tampa in 2001 – time has marched forward, does 9/11 resonate with Pete any more than Pearl Harbor Day did with me?

Anyway, #WearTheCaps – Torre and MLB would be idiots if they took on the Mets and politically were on the wrong side of 9-11.   I’d LOVE to see that play out in the press.

Meanwhile, Mets fans continue to be so so excited about The Fringe Playoff Race.

The 74-70 Mets are three games out of the Wild Card.  20,843 bought tickets to this,  The fanbase has checked out.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I watched until the middle of the 8th and as bored.  I get its September Baseball and all, but it is boring.  See above picture, I am not alone.  I didn’t even make it until 10pm, I just didn’t care.

NOT LINKING:  Todd Frazier is back.  Robinson Cano is back.  Lame National Website that loves to LOLMets drags the 1986 Mets through the mud for some random reason – probably for all the reasons I don’t mention the stories on this fine website here.  But if that’s how the sports website wants to roll, fine by me.

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