Why is Mets Citi Field security being so (over)zealous?

Today’s MUST READ comes from the guys over at Van Hagar.  Our old pal @mediagoon is quite fired up about Mets’ security….and is even threatening not to renew his tickets!

Last evening he was gathering security complains from folks, and it seems there are many.  So read those, but the question I want to ask is what is motivating the Mets?  Is there an elevated threat level?  If so, why don’t they tell us?  They want us safe because they want us back, but do they want us more back than they want us safe?

Think about it.  It’s not like at the Monday Staff Meeting a few weeks ago someone would have randomly said, “Hey let’s bust balls at the security gates FOR NO REASON.”   Right?  There must have been SOMETHING that made Mets/MLB/Whoever decide to step it up.  Maybe it’s just the calendar…although I am not sure the bad guys care about such things any more or less than they would about exploring a gap on a different day.

Even if it’s just the calendar, TELL US.  Fans, expect additional security blah blah.  I saw even the Path train do such an announcement.   And if the Mets have done such an announcement, I missed it, and I remind you I am on the internet 16 hours a day and repeatedly search for METS in twitter and google.

And as I have said here, I continue to worry about the security and the wisdom of having thousands of people stand on lines for hours, outside a perimeter, to get bobbleheads.


Hey @MLB @ESPN steal this idea....Mets-Nats annual 9-11 game
Congratulations Brooklyn Cyclones, Champions!