Mets Police Morning Laziness: Pete Alonso takes #WearTheCaps national! Your move MLB.

SLACKISH REACTION: I wasn’t home so I saw none of this game. As you can see in this photo…fringe playoff baseball has caught the attention of Mets Fans everywhere. Look at this huge crowd! (Thx Jessie)  21,841 Paid!

But yes it was 9-11 and the Mets wore the caps but didn’t wear the caps.  They wore them in pre-game, or some Officially Licensed New Era Version but hey it’s better than nothing….and I don’t know why they couldn’t wear the game again…

..but far and away the most interesting thing I read all year was Pete Alonso wanting to get caps and MLB telling him no.  Here’s Pete telling the story himself (Video. Thx Pete R for telling me)….

I think it’s kind of sad,” Alonso said after the Mets shut out the Arizona Diamondbacks — fittingly by scoring nine runs on 11 hits. “ … I mean, since that first game back (in 2001), they kind of shut it down every single year since. I think that’s really unfortunate. So a way to kind of get around that was the cleats.”

Baseball didn’t know about the cleats. The Mets players wore them anyway. Kudos to them. (via USA Today)

Your move Commish.


In other news, the Mets are 2 games out of the Wild Card.

Someone named Robert V was at the game.  Jessie sent this to me, am I supposed to know who…..nah just kidding, hi Bobby!

The Mets seem to have a day game today (who knew?  I didn’t).  Playing weekday daytime sports is always insane, but very insane when school is back in.

Why is Mets security being so aggressive?

While we wait for Torre to react, let's look at the Pete Alonso and the Mets First Responder cleats!
Mets' Pete Alonso wanted to get First Responder Caps and MLB said no!!!!