Mets Police Morning Laziness: at least Ramos’ bat played, plus Security Hell!

The 4th Place Mets are 3 games out of the Wild Card

SLACKISH REACTION:  So let me get this right….

  1.  Pete Alonso needed rest.   On Thursday the Met shad a 10 run lead.  On Wednesday the Mets had a 9 run lead.   What the Mets need is some sort of field manager who manages situations and personnel.
  2.  The Mets gave Ramos off on Thursday then paired him with Syndergaard on Friday to be stubborn.
This is why you fail.

Apparently Mets Security was a colossal disaster on Friday night.  Like worse than trading prospects for Robinson Cano and Sugar Diaz and taking on 100M in salary.  Even worse than that!  36,000+ people tried to attend the game, but Citi couldn’t handle it.  FULL RECAP HERE.

Is there an elevated threat that the Mets aren’t telling us about?  Don’t worry, nobody on the beat will ask.

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NOT LINKING:  (1) SNY really wants you to know that deGrom is lined up to start the Wild Card game.  OK now you know.  (2) Scouts discuss McNeil’s power surge.  #NoSnitching