Joe Torre says he ain’t letting the Mets wear First Responder Caps

Eff this, the Mets should run the stop sign.  This is the stupidest argument ever.  If Joe Torre can’t tell the difference between 9-11 and randomness day….please.

And if other teams want to have their One Day Where They Remember Something go ahead.  If I dunno, Boston wants to wear Sandy Hook Elementary School caps and I can buy one with whatever licensing solves this…I’ll buy one.   Why is MLB being so stupid about this?

Meanwhile…this is allowed and promoted

And Spider-Man 2 bases happened in an actual game BECAUSE MONEY

And let’s not forget that the Mercury Mets wasn’t the Mets being stupid, it was part of a SALES INITIATIVE TO PROMOTE A RETAIL STORE…….

So please spare me the integrity of the uniform bullshit.

We’re pretty stingy when it comes to allowing one team to do it because it’s only fair to the other 29…Unfortunately, every day is something personal in every part of this country, and we certainly are sensitive to it and we’ve allowed a lot of recognition of stuff that people have had to deal with.” (via Newsday)

You know what, unless we do it with all the teams — because even though teams weren’t in New York, weren’t in Pennsylvania, Washington, everybody was affected,” said Torre, who was managing the Yankees on the day of the tragedy and spoke Sunday about how much it still touches home for him. “It was our country. Am I saying that at some point there won’t be something that would happen in and around that day? Like the Yankees were rained out, so they wanted to do stuff the next day. We’re very willing to consider it. I can’t say never ever.” (via NY Post)