Mets Police Morning Laziness: it’s still over but still not garbage time! Let’s Bash!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Beats me.  I think it’s insane to play sports on a weekday afternoon.  But if I were MLB I would worry that someone like me didn’t even think to listen on the radio – read this.

I’m not sure it matters anyway, as Major League Baseball actually died the other night at age 150.

What do I mean by that?  Look at the boxscore?  Does anyone want to see two teams use 9 pitchers each?  Both managers should be permanently suspended from baseball under the “for the good of the game” clause, and the commissioner should resign in disgrace, and i am serious on all of that.  This is a terrible product.

Speaking of baseball dying, I don’t know what’s up but something is up.  If you think it’s normal for a rookie to hit 50+ HRs, if you really truly believe nothing is up whether it’s the baseballs or something else…..two words.  Let’s Bash.

In 5-10 years when everyone is writing the “we should have known in 2019….” columns remember i was here for you out on Lonely Island with yet another unpopular opinion.


Nick Francona weighed in on Wear The Caps

It is interesting to me that after an Off To The Races August (thanks to the 20-5 run and Gary Apple)  that September is pacing to be a pretty bad month for site views.  Part of that is me, I have been quite busy and thus off my game – and part of my game includes self-promotion on twitter all day which I have not been able to do more often that not – but it shows me the fanbase, especially the LFGM people, found something else to do.

The Mets are three games out of the Wild Card with the Reds next (72-81) and then the Marlins….so this is still interesting and not garbage time.