(Clickbait!) Here’s Mike Piazza’s new address at his new Miami condo! Is his deck better than mine?

The Miami Herald tells us

Mike Piazza, a former 12-Time All-Star who played for the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Florida Marlins, bought a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom home at 4701 Meridian Ave.

Via The Miami Herald

Now I’m sure his place is nice, but is his deck better than mine?  After all, it’s poolside that matters, and we all know my place is Better Than Wright’s and better than Matt Harvey’s lame skinny deck.
So, how are things poolside at Piazza’s?  Now I don’t know if Mike gets an exclusive deck or not with his purchase, but for purposes of the bit let’s go with these images on the Ritz-Carlton’s website.
Not bad at all Mike.  Of course it looks like you have to share with the neighbors, so suddenly you’re with Annoying Miami Rich Guy and some even more annoying Tech Website DudeBro, so I am still going to say my Exclusive Access Only Deck is better than yours.   Now if you had the above to yourself, sure…but to see annoying Miami people (by the way Mike, Miami Beach is the worst, what are you even doing?)….no thanks.
Also, Mike’s new place comes with HELICOPTER SERVICE.  Helicopter service is a way of saying that people have too much money.  I may have to go all Bernie Sanders on y’all.