Mets Police Morning Laziness: another extremely quiet day in the fringe playoff race

Why  is it 42 degrees out?

SLACKISH REACTION:  For a team in a fringe playoff race there sure is nothing going on.  It has been like off-season level boring.

The Mets are 3.5 games out of the Wild Card

I’d love to have some content for you but there’s nothing going on.  Don’t worry in two weeks we’ll be writing about he Mickey Watch every day.

NOT LINKING: The Newspaper tries “The Mets have a secret weapon for their playoff push.”  No they don’t and stop being stupid.  No click for you.

MICKEY WATCH WATCH NOT LINKNG EDITION:  Mickey’s future COULD depend on if the Mets make the playoffs.  The Newspaper must have had nothing to do yesterday.