Mets Ticket Sale not as cool as they are making it out to be

Whoa this Mets Police guy is SO NEGATIVE (unless the Mets lose tonight in which case he is right and we’re all boycotting and never going to hames again!) – can you believe ehe is complaining the Mets are selling half-off tickets?

Now do I like half-price tickets?  Sure.  Don’t we all.

But let’s be real here.  This is not a thank you.  This is “holy shit, we have meaningful games in September and we still can’t fill the place”

You want to thank us?  Sell Opening Day at half price instead of jacking the price like you usually do.  Sell the Subway Series games half price.

You can’t fill the place.  I know the Mets made a run, but something snapped with the fans this year and people don’t believe in any of this.  I know y’all had a LFGM party for two weeks but those idiots all left town and are watching football or something.   The rest of us are home with our backpacks.  So thanks for the offer, but let’s not pretend this is ever anything but pure capitalism – and right now you can’t move tickets.