David Wright: Will this guy manage the Mets? No

What a magical moment.  There’s Jeff and The Agent In Charge announcing the next manager of The New York Mets will be The Captain David Wright!

What could possibly go wrong?

This would be the worst idea of all.  It can only end two ways…

  1.  David leads the Mets to five straight championships and then decides he wants to step down to fight the Climate Crisis
  2. David gets fired, is hated by the fanbase, and is forever ruined.  Oh you don’t believe me?  You aren’t old enough to remember when Buddy Harrelson was the No Doubt second most popular Former Mets Player.

We’re also ignoring the health issues, the travel, and The Wilpons.  Do you really want to love through an 8 and 21 June where everyone is screaming for David’s head?  No, that would be the darkest timeline.

Will David Wright manage the Mets?  No.

Tomorrow: will Mike Piazza manage the Mets?