Why again did the Mets fire Mickey Callaway?

So, why again did the Mets fire Mickey Callaway, winner of 86 games?

Now had the Mets fired Mickey after 2018 it would have made sense.  He had been given the infamous Five Aces and was gonna totally fix Matt Harvey and stuff.

Everyone loved the guy at 11-1 and we were using words like Hodges and New Culture.

Y’all remember that right?  Not talking to the readers, I’m talking to the media and Jeff.

The Mets won 77 games.  77-85.  Let’s subtract 11-1 from that.  I got 66-84.  With 4 of the 5 Aces left.  Pretty crappy.

So if you fire him then, I get it.

Then this guy came.

and then THIS happened, which we will be talking about for most of the 2020s….

None of THAT is on Mickey.

By late June the Mets were 6.5 games out of the Wild Card and needed to pass a million teams.

Why not fire him then if you think you had the players?

But then, the Mets went like 25-5 and everyone loved the Mets and were adding profanity to LGM and the Mets were tied for a Wild Card spot!

That was August 10th.

The Mets went 25-20 after that.  That’s .566 ball.  That’s a 90 win pace.

Now, do you feel like this team quit on Mickey?  Seems like they didn’t.

Did the Mets have a good clubhouse or bad?  Sure seems like it was good, no?

Did Mickey hurt the development of young players?   The kid at 1B did OK.   That McNeil guy seems OK.  That JD Davis person (nice pickup Wags, I will give you that one) did pretty well.

Did Mickey figure out how to get a lot of players some ABs?  Seemed like it.

Was it the SP?  deGrom won a CY in 2018 and again in 2019.   Are we blaming Mickey for ruining Thor?  THREE other organizations couldn’t fix Harvey.

So that leaves us with the bullpen.  Show me a team or a manager where the fanbase is like “now THAT guy, THAT guy knows how to use a bullpen.”

Was Mickey not supposed to use Wags’ acquisition Sugar Diaz saver of 57 games in 2018?

Was Mickey not supposed to play Wags’ acquisition Robinson Cano?

Maybe the 25-20 wasn’t good enough because Mickey didn’t get enough out Wags’ acquisition Marcus Stroman who didn’t impress me too much down the stretch.

So Mickey, I think you’re the fall guy here.  The team lost because of Wags.  And you take the hit so we can trot out a new culture and say THIS time we will win this year and every year blah blah and the marketing team can throw the new manager’s face on some marketing materials with Pete Alonso and all is well.

So Mickey, yeah you’re no Gil Hodges, and I would’ve fired your ass on June 1, 2018 – but to get let go today…..I can’t come up with a single reason.   Tell Wags to go LFGM himself.

Sorry bro.


Looking ahead, the new manager should get a nice run here.

The next thing in the cycle is that the Mets fire the GM.   Jeff gives a speech about how THIS time things are different.

The new manager will find himself with 5 aces turned into one, no matter how many Picard thinks he sees…and that ace will be entering his mid-30s.  Better hope Pete Alonso actually IS Babe Ruth.

Then the new GM will be faced with the rebuild.   In Year 2 of the new GM, Wags’ old manager will be fired and we’ll be told about The New Mets…led by the new young manager, and a new culture blah blah blah.

All this has happened before and will happen again.

So, why did the Mets fire Mickey Callaway today?