Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey takes the hit for Wags’ mistake

SLACKISH REACTION: I wrote at length about the firing of Mickey Callaway and I’d like you to read it. I know I do a lot of short throwaway posts, but this one is longer and I think asks some good questions. In short, I am not sure how firing Mickey makes any sense and he’s taking a bullet for the GM.

I’m also not sure how any of the names I see make any sense.  Dusty Baker?   Sure, is it like 15 years ago?  Carlos Beltran?  Why would we replace an inexperienced manager with an inexperienced manager?

Wags also said he won’t trade Noah Syndergaard.  That’s good for fans, but all kinds of problematic for SNY’s Editorial Calendar, isn’t it?  There’s an entire business in trading Thor to the Yankees.

Separate from the above piece about Mickey I had some mid-afternoon thoughts that I wrote on my lunch break.