Mike Piazza: will this guy manage the Mets? No.

Surely by now you realize I can clickbait the best of them, and the best of them work at Former MetsBlog.

So will Mike Piazza manage the Mets?

Well, Mike did express some sort of aspirations when he bought the Italian soccer team.   And who wouldn’t love Angry Mike Piazza yelling at Gelbs for asking a stupid question.  How do you think it felt Steve?   That alone would be worth the salary.

Catchers do traditionally make for good managers.  People love Mike. We’d all feel good about things for like 48 hours and some of the spring.

But why would Mike do this?   He just bought his fancy Miami condo and he loves living in Italy.  Why would he want to sit in a Mets dugout reporting to The Agent Charge?

No, Mike Piazza will not manage the Mets.  But you knew that.

Tomorrow…will Steve Gelbs manage the Mets?