Gil Must Go: Yikes, 1969 Mets win terrible baseball game in NLCS Game 2

Yuck what a horrible game.  11-6?  What kind of score was that?

And what did y’all do with the real Jerry Koosman?  As bad as Seaver was yesterday, Jerry was worse!  6 runs in 4 and two thirds?  What is even going on?

Fortunately for the Mets, the Braves are compete garbage.   Other than Hank Aaron, the only guy on their team worth a darn is Felix Millan.

Gil, I don’t know how you do it, but you’re super lucky.  Mets up 2-0 in the best of 5.

This horrible game took 3 hours and 10 minutes.  Imagine if it had been a night game?  Of course baseball isn’t stupid enough to play post-season games at night.