Gil Must Go: 1969 Mets are the National League Champions!

Before we begin, can the NYPD please learn how to control a crowd? Are we just going to let the fans run on the field endlessly? You’d think the Mets would want us safe.

Anyway, cheese Louise suddenly Gil is Captain Hook! That was a quick pull of Gentry in the second, but how about Ryan with 7 innings of relief!

I gotta say, as much as I hate the idea of this National league Championship Series fake post-season baseball…the three days in a row of post-season day games was a nice treat as it’s something that I haven’t been able to enjoy since ’54.  It was nice to have it back.  Unfortunately the Mets don’t play again until the 11th.  What am I supposed to do all week, watch this dopey new version of the NHL where half the teams are expansion teams?  No thanks.

This was a great night at Shea!  My friends the Mets hooked me up with Diamond Club as a thank you for covering them since 1962.  Thanks Mets!

Now, despite Gil Hodges pushing all the wrong buttons all summer,  it’s on to the World Series!  Absolutely Amazin’