Keith Hernandez: Will This Guy Manage The Mets? No

The Mets Blogging Council told me that was in danger of being a fine because I did not post this.  Since I don’t want to get into trouble, I shall.

The Media is reporting (correctly to be fair) that Keith Hernandez does not want to manage the Mets, as if Keith Hernandez managing the Mets was even a thing.  The same media reported that Jerry Seinfeld would reboot Seinfeld if only Pete Alonso would guest star in an episode.  But hey, we all need clicks, even me.

But in a world where we were considering KH for manager… you think The Agent wants a head-strong manager who is all Old Man on Stats? I mean for me, annoying Was and hating on “advanced” stats are two great reasons to ahire the guy immediately!

Also, does Keith want to destroy his I’m Keith Hernandez status by winning 74 games?  Once again I shall instruct younger fans to educate themselves about what happened to Buddy Harrelson.

Will Keith Hernandez manage the Mets?  No.  Stop being stupid