Mets Police Morning Laziness: Tom Petty spoke to me about baseball…and the people listened

So yesterday I wrote a piece called When Money Becomes King.  Well, Tom Petty mostly wrote it.  Surprisingly, people liked it.  Check it out.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I played some NHL 18 (way better than NHL 20) and then enjoyed the hell out of MLB The Show, which got me thinking maybe baseball should get rid of the baseball thing and just do Boss Challenges where we tune in for an hour to see if someone can get Pete Alonso out four times.  It would be much more efficient for everyone’s time, plus I am told that having empty stadiums is now part of the plan (baseball mafia working OT this week) – so let’s just meet up in a studio in Los Angeles and do some boss challenges from 8:30-10pm every night and we can stop the nonsense with sitting there for 3.5 hours.

NOT LINKING TO YOU IDIOTS:  All the idiots who wrote about Mickey HODGES Callaway now want the Mets to hire an experienced manager.   There are so many inconsistent garbage posts out there it is maddening.  Everyone seems to forget how they rave about the Mets sometimes (and I get called negative) – and then they sound like crazy people.

Where the articles about needing an experienced manager when the Mets were on that 25-5 run?

I love that the AAIMBR is doing the serious version of the Manager Speculation posts that I do.  Those AAIMBR sites suck so bad they are lucky they have 75 writers to all click on each other’s nonsense.