Could the Mets be moving to Warsaw? What is this?

Could the Mets be moving to Warsaw?   If so, will they trade Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees?

Well, the answer to both is obviously no, but I have learned the ways of the Clickbait from Formerly MetsBlog and here we are.

Nope, the Warsaw Mets are an American Football club! 

Jim was super kind and sent me a t-shirt from which you’re looking at the logo. I love it, because I love random things.  I have a St. Kilda Saints hoodie that gets lots of comments, and when I was in Spain I got some Random Futbol march to wear once it gets a little cooler.

So thanks Jim, and here’s hoping the Mets’ GM doesn’t trade their prospects to Seahawks Gdynia for some washed up player.  That would be stupid.