Mets Police Morning Laziness: Girardi’s PR team still working overtime

I will start with NOT LINKING.  The Newspaper has some great clickbait on Girardi’s “awkward” answer to a Q about Pete Alonso.  Oooh what is it?  Maybe Joe was asked if the thought maybe Pete’s season was Unbelievable!  Nope, he was just asked if Pete would bat second fo Joe when Joe takes over managing the Mets.  So save the click gang, I just ruined it for ya.

It’s a big NOT LINKING day as every site is regurgitating the Next Manager columns.  You know all the names, you have read all the stories.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Ken Burns’ Country Music is much better than baseball.  I didn’t watch the NFL either as my NFL Detox continues.  Didn’t even play video games….just did some chores and caught up on life.

Congrats to the 1969 NLCS Champions.

ICYMI over the weekend, When Money Becomes King did better with my audience than I had expected!