Carlos Beltran. Will this guy manage the Mets? No.

Let’s look at the case for Carlos Beltran as the next Mets manager.

Carlos is a master of the modern game and one of the best analytics minds in the game.

Did you know that since leaving the playing field, Carlos has apprenticed in MLB Front Offices and has become a master of the modern analytical side of the game?

Carlos is known for his mastery of in game strategy.

One of the knocks on 86 game winner Mickey Callaway, the man with the good clubhouse and the team that never quit on him, is that he wasn’t good in game.  Well, you know who IS good in game?  Carlos Beltran, the master of strategy.

Nobody can manage a bullpen like Carlos Beltran.

Another knock on Mickey was his inability to manage a bullpen.  The guy would use Sugar Diaz as a closer like his GM wanted him to.  Carlos isn’t that stupid.  He won’t use his GM’s big acquisitions if he doesn’t want to.  Carlos is his own man, and there is nobody better at managing a bullpen.

Carlos is loved by all Mets fans.

Was there ever a more beloved Met than Carlos Beltran?  Remember how loved he was when he was here?   Remember how fans fondly look back on the 2006 playoffs?  And Carlos himself says he wants to go in the Hall Of Fame as a Met maybe.

Carlos Beltran was actually Joe Torre’s Bench Coach after Zimmer.

Yeah I know it seems like Carlos was still playing baseball until 2017, but no he actually was Torre’s bench coach for 5 seasons which is where Beltran learned so much about managing in New York City.

So if you haven’t caught on by now, hiring Inexperienced Carlos Beltran makes no sense.  How would replacing Mickey with a guy with NO experience make any sense at all.

Wags may be stupid, but he isn’t THIS kind of stupid.  Now if the Mariners call and offer us their manager for some prospects, he might be THAT kind of stupid – but even Wags has to realize that firing Mickey to hire a guy with LESS experience is idiotic.

Will Carlos Beltran manage the Mets despite Formerly Mets Blog writing about it?  No.